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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Fun Fun Fun

I am so excited. Is anyone else excited? Because I am. Did I mention that I am excited? I get to go shopping Monday for clothes for the kids. You wouldn’t think that this simple thing could make me so excited but I just love buying clothes for them. Especially cute ones at absolutely great […]

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Closed Lids and a Calm Soul

It has been a long day. Having a clingy baby is tough, very tough. As I type now though both of my babies lay sleeping angelically in their beds and the calm that comes from knowing that they are both resting is remarkable. And as I gentely lay Caleb down, whispering ‘thank you.’ toward the […]

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Finally a minute to sit down and clear my head. Caleb has just been so clingy the last few days. I can’t be sure but my thought is that it’s because Kevin and I both got sick at the same time and we had to call the in-laws in for help. I think that maybe […]

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