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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Cupcakes, cupcakes everywhere and not a drop to drink

We made cupcakes today. I tried to enlist the help of my lovely young daughter with decorating them but she was more interested in just eating the frosting. The cake part of this equation didn’t really turn out that great but the frosting was good, a lemon cream cheese. Now, who do I give them […]

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It’s Big Girl Bed Time! Jump Around!

Well we have made or rather started to make the scary transition into big girl bed world. I honestly thought that it would be simple, oh to be ignorant again. At first we tried the Super Nanny approach and would just put her back in bed every single time she got out but after four […]

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Easter Traditions, well almost

Yesterday we tried starting our own traditions for Easter; tried being the operative word. We woke up and Lydia and I watched The Prince of Egypt as a shout out to Passover. I started the dinner prep, we got a visit from Uncle Michael (with a basket), and then we went to church. When we […]

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I’ve Got The Demon In Me

Lydia has started a disturbing and frightening pattern. It started yesterday night when I decided to take her “ba bye” with me. We stepped out the door and she would not leave the stoop. I walked to the car calling her after me. At first she came down the steps and then would immediately walk […]

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Can you feel the love? Can you?

We had a little dinner party here on Sunday. I mean people came and they ate, if that’s successful than there you have it. We were meeting my brother’s girlfriend for the first time and her 12 year old son. We are not known for our social skills so you can only imagine. Caleb rolled […]

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The Death of a Mind or Maybe it’s just Lost

Today I came to the realization that I have unfortunately grown up. I can remember when I was younger and I would play with my doll house and act out these intricate mini dramas with the characters. Everyone was a player and everyone had their own back story and I had created that. I’m sure […]

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