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Monthly Archives: November 2008

My Thankfuls

-for my husband -for my chillens -for my family who loves me even though I’m me -for my Savior and My Father -for my faith -for my life -for raspberry filled doughnuts -for generosity and kindness -for a washer and dryer -for sharp knives -for sharp wit -for chances, firsts and seconds -for believing -for […]

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Happy Anniversary and Midnight Pie

To celebrate our wonderful 4 years of marriage I decided to surprise Kevin with midnight pie by candle light. How romantic! He had to work and he doesn’t get home until the wee midnight hour. Of course this totally flies in the face of our ‘wanting to go to bed at a reasonable hour’ goal […]

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I’m A Bully Like That

Today, Lydia got a hold of my purse and started rifling through it (looking for some green backs I’ve no doubt). She pulled out this little card that I’d forgotten that I had in there. I was given it while walking around Estes a month back. Some lady just walked up and handed me the […]

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I Finally Figured It Out!

For the longest time I’ve admired a certain style of photography. I just think that it is so beautiful. It’s not for everyone. It’s called high key. I finally figured out how to edit my photos to fit this style. Here is an example: BeforeAfterThis is my first attempt. Now if I could only get […]

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This last weekend the kids and Kevin went out with me so I could get some pics for my Photog class and to scout out sites for future “shoots”. We stopped at this abandoned cafe along the way and I was able to pop some shots of the kids. There is some focusing issues but […]

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When the Israelites were slaves to the Egyptians, Moses came to tell Pharaoh to “Let my people go!” When Pharaoh refused Moses, through the power of God, unleashed plague upon plague onto the people of Egypt. And even after all of the sufferings of his people Pharaoh still refused to “Let my people go!” With […]

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