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Caleb: Three Year Pictures

Well, it’s official, he’s no longer a two year old.  That means the worst is behind us, right?

This ball of fire came into our lives, taking us all by surprise.  A happy surprise, mind you.  We always say he is all boy and that’s sometimes the only way to describe him.  He likes to run and wrestle and boy howdy, he likes to move.  He loves to smile and if he could he would probably eat Coco Puffs at every meal.  He has been a joy in our lives and I love my “Tayleb”.

Happy Birthday little man!

becci ames - Photos are great! I especially love the triptych. Very cute.
Also, love love love your water mark and think you should use that for your logo. Very cool!

Angella - Cute little buggy!

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