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First Day of School!!

I know what you’re thinking.  What school starts on Labor Day?  Well, it’s the kind of school that you can go to in your pj’s.  It’s the kind of school that you can have anywhere you want.  It’s the kind of school that you can have anytime you want, even holidays.  It’s the kind of school that when mom was scheduling the school year that she never realized that the 5th of September was going to be Labor Day! IF you haven’t figured out WHAT kind of school my hooligans are attending  I’ll spell it out for you:

H O M E S C H O O L ! ! !

Yes, we are crazy enough to be doing homeschool.  I’m really excited about it though.  I’ve been working on things almost all Summer.  Most of the stuff is for Caleb.  Those pre-k’s need to keep their hands busy!

One thing we did today was take first day of school pictures.  Even though we aren’t attending “traditional” school, I thought it would be great to start this tradition.

Then I let them take a picture of each other.

And of course Alexander didn’t want to be left out!

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