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Let the Blogging Penance Begin

Wit, wisdom, pith and all.  I sometimes find myself wondering where it all went.  There was a time I fancied myself a writer (of course that was way back when I had brain cells and no children) but it seems that when I sit down and try to expound on something meaningful that is happening or has happened in my life I am stuck.  I have so many drafts saved for this blog it’s rather comical or maybe it’s just sad.  And just when I’m about to click the “Save Draft” button I have to really push myself to finish what I started.  Who wants to read about a 30 something year old with 3 cute (and crazy) kids who happens to aspire to be a photographer?

Well, as you may know I am not the best blogger in the world (read universe?).  I’m not sure why but I do much better with facebook, but I am going to try and do better.  And to start I will blog a back logged session of one of my favorite people and someone who is no stranger to this blog, my sister.

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