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Lydia And Dance Together At Last

It finally happened!  Lydia is now an official dancer.  After years of twirling around the living room, kicking her legs in the air, and pronouncing “Look mom!  I’m doing my ballet!” she is in a dance class. She was so excited, soooooooo excited.  And she loves going to dance class.  Miss Leann is so good […]

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101 in 1001

September 3, 2010 – May 31, 2013 Writing down goals make them more attainable, at least that’s what I’ve heard.  If that is true then I’m sure that tracking them increases that attainability even more.  I was recently reading one of the MANY blogs that I stalk, many being an understatement, and ran across this […]

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Cami and Joe’s Wedding Part I

I was able to again go with Rebecca and shoot a wedding. It was such a wonderful experience because I had, (let me emphasize that a little better) HAD to cruise right out of my comfort zone. I had to push my self and my camera to realms I’ve never been to. Oh man, seriously.

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I love. . .

I love how she mingles the small with the tall.I love her monochromatic pallet.I love the mix of sweet with the prickly.I love her artistic signature.I love that she writes it perfectly and completely backwards.I love her “i” for text.I just love her.

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Anything For The Shot: Waterlogged

I wanted this to be my business motto but then I thought maybe I should use it as a personal creed, that I have to work on, A LOT. In this first installment I’d like to introduce you to Rebecca of Rebecca Ames Photography. She is an extremely talented photographer who lets me shadow her […]

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