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What’s Your Hue? A Valid Question, I Think.

In our front room we have vertical blinds that cover our ginormous window. My chilens are notorious for playing in them and breaking them. It is a major sore spot with me (I know they are just things but they aren’t our things so . . .). Today, Lydia was playing in them and my […]

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Marshelle and Brennan Part Deux

They had a cookie themed reception. I think all of the kids there might have gone a little cookie crazy. A mother of the groom, beautiful. Great grandmother of the bride. This gorgeous thing kept coming up to me saying “You take my picture.” Not a question mind you, but really how could I say […]

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Oh My Holly Majollies!

For the past almost two months I have been working on getting these pictures done. Half way there, now on to the reception. This is my beautiful niece and her now hubby.

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You Have To Look But They’re Usually There

Bright sides, blessings, the silver lining. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Not so bright side: She unrolled half a roll of toilet paper into the toilet. Bright side: She forgot to flush. Not so bright side: He got the butter out of the fridge and dumped it on the floor. Bright side: At least that’s […]

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Sneak Peak: B’s Soon To Be Baby Momma

A. and B. were kind enough to be my models. A. is my first maternity session. I really enjoyed it and I hope they got a kick of seeing my uncoordinated self in action. Thank you for letting me capture a very special part of your lives. And thank you for putting up with my […]

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