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Marshelle and Brennan Part Uno

Marshelle and Brennan have been married for over a month and I for one think it is high time that they be able to see their wedding pictures. So, on with the show . . .

Chelsea Ellingson - Fantastic!! Love them, Rebecca, these are great!! Even the veil ones, ha ha. :-)

ValSterByDe - pretty creative! I love them! some I would think you should include in all weddings… the kiss and celebrating family. and the veil one's I like them a lot!

Russell Family - Very beautiful! The kissing ones & veils are my favorite. You are so very talented at this.

Do you have any close-ups of their faces?

The Miz - Kylie, you are very observant. I don't have close ups (no worries) because my wonderful sister shot the wedding too and she has those shots.

Shawn - beautiful pictures! Love you guys.

Kelly - You did an incredible job! I love them! Thank you so much for doing this for my son and your lovely niece!

Kevin Aycock - They are wonderful! The one of Mitchell fits him. Notice that you wont find me in any of these pictures…I was on child duty.

Lindsay - These are really beautiful!

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You Have To Look But They’re Usually There

Bright sides, blessings, the silver lining. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Not so bright side:

She unrolled half a roll of toilet paper into the toilet.

Bright side:

She forgot to flush.

Not so bright side:

He got the butter out of the fridge and dumped it on the floor.

Bright side:

At least that’s all he got out of the fridge.

Not so bright side:

Both kids and I are sick.

Bright side:

Hubby had today scheduled off and will be home to help with the kids.

Not so bright side:

I got up at 6 am yesterday.

Bright side:

I was able to take pics of Miss Prego and hopefully give her something she’ll really love. Aaaaaaaaand it was such a beautiful morning.

Not so bright side:

Because of the aforementioned sickness, we are missing the pioneer day picnic.

Bright side:

We’ll RENT(!) a movie and snuggle up on the couch together.

Update: and we didn’t get rained on.

Not so bright side:

I didn’t quite get the pictures that I wanted (only because I’m still learning and therefore don’t know what in the world I am doing and only happen to get lucky, seriously).

Bright side:

Each mistake gets me closer to my goal and if I don’t make any mistakes I’ll never learn anything. So bring on my screw ups, cuz baby, I need me some learnin.

Russell Family - Ok, the TP one was my favorite!! :) I can totally picture it. :)

Sorry to hear you all were ill, but hoping it's better now.

ValSterByDe - I love the way you tell about your days… so creative and a good outlook too!

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Sneak Peak: B’s Soon To Be Baby Momma

A. and B. were kind enough to be my models. A. is my first maternity session. I really enjoyed it and I hope they got a kick of seeing my uncoordinated self in action. Thank you for letting me capture a very special part of your lives. And thank you for putting up with my poor pitiful balloons.

Anonymous - That is one hot momma-to-be! Rawr!

Charmed, I'm Sure - Hey, I didn't even know they were expecting! Congrat to them, and congrats to you for taking some cute photos :) You're getting better by the minute, I swear!

The Miz - Hey, Krista! So, I think that I owe you a re-shoot. If you're ever in town maybe give me a call and we can set up one. Um yeah.

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The Pyne Family

It’s taken a while however at least they’re done. Woot woot!

jdphotography - I love the ones were you use the screen. Those are my fav.

sasha - B-E-A-utiful! Really, great job! :-)

Chelsea Ellingson - I love the contrast in colors with the kids and the blue wall behind them- fantastic!! These are great, and I like your watermark too, very classy. :-)

Lindsay - Very nice! I like the different styles/colors. Good job.

Russell Family - The drive-in movie screen in the background is very cool! I love it. I like the individual kid shots as well. They're so beautiful, you do a great job.

Constructive criticism: some of the pics are a little too white for my taste (you can't see people's features as well), especially the one of the 3 kids together (2nd to last). Course I'm on a Mac and they are much brighter, so this criticism could be null…

DM - The drive-in idea is great! First citrus fruit and wedding rings, now this! How do you come up with this stuff?

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Fresh Off The Truck

Farm fresh and ready to go. How delictable they look. These sumptuous little darlings are just sitting and waiting for me to devour them.

Lindsay - I'd take a stack of books over dessert most times. *Shhh…don't tell*

I can't wait to discuss these!

Steph - Hey, if the Have a new kid by Friday book really works you should let me know

Bekah Pyne - I really like your book shots!

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