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What A Horrible Horrible Week!!

This week was the worst week thus far.

Caleb decided to get the flu (at least that is what it is feeling like) and it is being passed around.
On top of which our Landlord decided to redo our kitchen cabinets so we went without a kitchen for 2 days. We had to keep the kids confined to only half the house to keep them out of the way.
On top of which when the kitchen was finished and we started to reload it with all of our stuff we found that about half of stuff doesn’t fit well in the cupboards. The shelves are all short and squaty. Imagine going to put away a regular size box of Ritz crackers and because the shelves are all squaty the box can’t even stand upright.
On top of which the new stove that they put in has the knobs where the kids can reach them. I let the kids explore the kitchen when they were done and I stepped out of the room for two seconds I come back in and Caleb has the oven turned on.
On top of which my children’s brains are most likely fried from watching too much TV because I don’t have the strength to do anything else. (bad bad mommy!)
On top of which I’ve had to cancel on Lindsay twice and it looks like it’s going to be a third because I can’t hardly breath. (I’m not really this flaky Lindsay).
On top of which all of my 2009 goals have been tossed out the window this week because of all this. (and it will only be for this week).
On top of which all of the sickness and kitchen mess has put me behind on my homework.
On top of which I’m blogging when I should be doing my homework or sleeping.
On top of which . . . . . . . I feel wretched.

Russell Family - Sorry to hear you’re all so sick. The kitchen re-do sounds awful. :(

Don’t feel bad at all about letting them watch TV when you’re sick!! Not much else you can do. Also, resolutions aren’t broken when you’re sick!

Schmidt Family - I am sorry! I know how those weeks go. i hope that it just gets better.

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This little guy just happens to be my little guy. And I may be bias but I do believe that he may be the cutest little guy ever. I decided to enter it into the I Heart Faces photo contest for the week. Make sure and check out the other entries by clicking on the link above.

Randi - very beautiful, sparkley eyes! love it!

Josie - Those are some beautiful eyes.

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Random Lydia

The other day I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day and Lydia runs up to the door, begins to bang on it and say “Mommy, Mommy! I need to go potty! Hurry hurry!” This was my reply, “Okay, okay hold your horses.”
Then I hear her little feet run into her bedroom. I came out just as she was running back out of her room.
“Okay mommy, I got my horses.”

Now how can I ignore logic like that?

ValSterByDe - too clever!

Russell Family - That is WAY too darling!!! I love it. :)

Lindsay - Well…that makes sense! So funny.

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It’s Almost February, Time For A New Years Post!

Whether you call them resolutions, goals, those pesky after thoughts that always get on your case when you’ve just downed a sweet treat, whatever I’ve got ’em. I’ve got ’em up the wazoo! What’s a wazoo you ask? Hey, don’t distract me I’m trying to tell you something. You know I’m easily distrac . . . oh, what’s that? Shiny.

Feast . . .
I know what you’re thinking “Um are you sure you haven’t achieved this one already?” Yes it is true that I am a little rotund physically but spiritually I’m a gangly creature. What’s the best way to plump up spiritually? By feasting on the good word and that word is not chocolate.

Get Fit To Get Fat . . .
Now I’ll let you figure that one out on your own. But I do need to lose a few (cough cough . . . a lot . . . cough cough) lbs. I’ve been searching craigslist for weeks now trying to find a cheap treadmill but since everyone and their mother have this resolution on their list these babies are getting snapped up faster than you can say “Run Forrest Run!” So if any of you know of any prospects for me . . . well then . . . Do I really need to finish that sentence? Okay, then send them my way.

Reach Out . . .
I am a very stubborn person. “I can do it on my own, I don’t need anyone to help me.” That’s the kinda person I am. That can be good but also not so. I tend to not ask for help even when I need it and sometimes going it alone is the worst thing I could do. I want to reach out more to people for help or for general friendship and with that I also want offer my help to all of you gorgeous gals. For whatever it’s worth, if you ever need anything I will do my best to help you, unless it has to do with public speaking then I’ll have to act like I don’t know who you are.

Build The Dream . . .
Today I received something in the mail that just made my day and helped me visualize my dream and make it a little more real. It was so great, I might actually frame it. Huh, there’s an idea.

Ahhhh, Refreshing . . .
I need to drink more water. I really do. I know the benefits and health reasons to drink water but I just can’t stand the taste. Do any of you have any suggestions?

On Time In 2009 . . .
Whoa! Sorry, I didn’t know you were drinking something then. I’ll give you a second to wipe off your computer screens.

And there you have it.
What are some of yours?

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Getting Started!

Using the ideas of a few other people I know that have done this I decided to start a photography blog. Do I have the expertise? Not so much. Do I have the talent? I’m working on it. Do I have the readership? Doubt that. But I thought better now then never. Why not? What harm can it do to start this up and maybe, just maybe get this ball rolling on bettering my passion for fashion. Oh, wait, that’s something totally different.

These are some shots that I took for my first ever photo “shoot”. I can tell you that I was nervous as all get out and so I made a lot of mistakes. But Patrick and Kirsta were great.

Chelsea Ellingson - Photo blogs are great. :-) And these are so cute!! I love the “old alley” shots. Great location. Sorry I never posted back forever ago (I’m Craig Ellingson’s wife), but I know how frustrating it gets when you post something and then feel stupid when no one looks at it. I will add you to my blog list now. :-) Where are you living these days?

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New Years Can Wait!

I’ve been meaning to post about Christmas for a few days but the procrastinator in me kept saying, Not yet! Not yet! So I said, Okay procrastinator. So here I sit, at the close of another New Years day writing about our Christmas Holiday.

It started with our hurried escape from Colorado. After looking at the weather we decided to leave a day earlier than we had planned and so in a frenzy we rushed to pack for eight days and nights of Utah fun and still make it to the Stake Christmas fireside.

Our drive to Utah was butt clenching. To much information? Oh, okay, it was nail biting, white knuckle driving, and scary in spots. One of our, ahem, nail biting experiences we were driving behind a dodge truck (a little too closely) and he decided to switch lanes and pass a row of diesels. We had not been prepared to all of a sudden see the back of a diesel fill our wind shield view and so the brakes were applied which started us fish tailing. Not being able to stop in time we decided to pass the row of diesels, fish tailing the entire way. Coming up on the first we headed for his bumper and nearly kissed it then switching directions we were heading straight for the guard rail. Passing the second diesel we almost pulled a Clark Griswold but instead at the last second we choose to go over and talk to the guard rail again. Finally passing the third and last diesel we evened out and the butt clenching, uh I mean nail biting was over.

We made it safely and we were able to spend plenty of time (but not enough for me) with family. My Grandma Jackie and her hubby Floyd hosted their annual Christmas Eve party. The kids did their talent show and wowed us with their wonderfulness. At one point Grandma Jackie asked who was next and Lydia piped up and said “Me! Me!” She went to the piano, positioned herself soundly on the bench, and played a little medley. I was very proud of her moxie and I can honestly say that she doesn’t get any of her unabashed bravery from me. Here are all the cousins. Let’s count them together. Ready?

We spent Christmas morning with my parents and the kids enjoyed all of the mayhem. I got so caught up with handing out presents that I accidentally gave Lydia one of my dad’s to open. (Sorry Dad). Imagine her amazement when she unwrapped her brand new clothes steamer! Just the right present for a 3 year old.

Our drive home was much different and much more relaxing and very uneventful. I love boring car trips. They’re my favorite.

This morning we had our very own little Christmas replay and opened the Colorado presents. Bet you didn’t know such things existed but they do.

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I’m not ready to ring in the New Year, maybe next week. Not yet! Not yet!

Russell Family - Very cute pictures, though the drive sounded awful. We drive like an old grandma now with Alec, so I woulda peed my pants! :(

I’m putting off blogging Christmas still too…

Tiffany - Two Christmases? Lucky children.. and what a fun idea!!

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Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

Today, on this auspicious day, is my little girl’s 3rd birthday. Today 3 years ago the most beautiful girl ever was born. She is a constant surprise and sometimes when I look at her I can’t believe that I love her sooo much and we haven’t known each other that long.

We celebrated her day on Saturday and I am so thankful for the family that came and helped us celebrate as well. Lydia was excited for her special day. Ever since Caleb had his birthday she has wanted it to be hers. Caleb received cards in the mail on his birthday and since then whenever she is with me when I get the mail she asks me “Is that my birthday?” It was a little heart breaking when I had to tell her no but one day we got the mail and there were two cards for her and she asked “Is that my birthday? Is that for me?” And I was happy to say “YES!”

I have to give Kevin a lot of thanks and the credit for the party. I had school that day from 10:30 until 4:00 and so he was home dealing with the kids and baking a cake (cuz he knew I was comin) and putting up decorations and just being a wonderful hubby and daddy.

Russell Family - Wow, I can’t believe she’s 3 already!! She’s so beautiful and the piano turned out great!

Erin - I’m working my way out of some kind of fog and catching up on blogs. Love, love, love your last several posts and your new piano. Oh and that little girl of yours? Adorable!

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