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This last weekend the kids and Kevin went out with me so I could get some pics for my Photog class and to scout out sites for future “shoots”. We stopped at this abandoned cafe along the way and I was able to pop some shots of the kids. There is some focusing issues but I’m gonna work on it.

christy - i love the pics! i would let you take our pictures anytime.

DeeDee - How cute! My they are growing up! Nice pics Mom…you rock!

Russell Family - Wow. I really like the close-up of Lydia’s face! That one was in focus! :)

Lindsay - I like the tire pictures best. Nice work!

Jacobs Family, via Kirsta - Awesome pictures! Your little ones are not so little anymore :) The yellow fence is a nice fall background color, good work!

Shannon And Tyler - The pictures look great!

Bekah Pyne - where were these taken? The area and subjects (of course) are great!

The Miz - Hey Bekah! These were taken up 257 (?) going up towards Laramie.

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When the Israelites were slaves to the Egyptians, Moses came to tell Pharaoh to “Let my people go!” When Pharaoh refused Moses, through the power of God, unleashed plague upon plague onto the people of Egypt. And even after all of the sufferings of his people Pharaoh still refused to “Let my people go!” With that last refusal came the last and final plague. The Angel of Death visited every house hold in Egypt to take the life of the first born. But for one loop hole; every household that slathered their doors with sacrificial lamb’s blood the angel would pass by or Passover.

This is what I’ve been reduced to to keep the Angel of Death (the Vote Now or Die people) away from my door. Okay, so they don’t really say that I will die if I don’t vote and I am being overly dramatic when I call them “the Angel of Death” but they are rather annoying.

Every single day it’s:
Knock knock knock (or worse) ding dong (this wakes up the kids.)
“Hi, I just wanted to encourage you to get out and vote and remind you to cast your vote on November 4th. Have you or do you plan on voting?” (One girl in particular had on a rather “colorful” shirt that told me to “Vote F*****” I’ll let you venture a guess as to what it said.)
“Yes, we’ve voted already thanks.”
“Has everyone in your house who is eligible voted?”
“Who did you vote for?”
“That’s kind of personal.” (I don’t know you! Why on earth would I tell you who I voted for?)
“Oh, well I have some information on Obama if you’d like.” (So far no McCain people have stopped by or any other candidate’s people for that matter.)
“That’s okay, thank you.”
“Okay, bye.”


Russell Family - That bad??? Sorry to hear about it.

We got some McCain campaigners-I just lie to keep them guessing… 😉

ValSterByDe - I hear you, I am so glad that the end is in sight!

Erin - Oh boy! They were driving us CRAZY. The Pulsiphers put up a rather LARGE sign that said “WE ALREADY VOTED” on their door. Tee hee. Made me laugh.

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My New Best Friend

During my hiatus into paper he. . . Whoa! Was I really going to say that? Naw. Anyway, back to the point. While I was being distracted by school work I met my new best friend.

Yes, she is pretty isn’t she. We met at Walmart of all places and for $12.99 we have formed a friendship that will endure for as long as she slices and dices.
I love my new friend. She cuts through everything very nicely. She cuts through everything like butter, no that’s not right, like butta.
Apples – butta
Cantaloupe – butta
Ham Steak – butta
Raw Chicken – butta
My fingers – butta What? I was just too excited to use my knife and those stubby little digits got in my way.
Butter – well she cut through butter like margarine but that’s close enough.
Of course I am sure that there are better knives out there. Based on some sage advice I was going to splurge for one of theses:
but with a difference of about $67 majolies I am very happy with my frugal friend.

Jacobs Family, via Kirsta - We got a nice knife set for our wedding, and up unto then I HAD NO IDEA WHAT I WAS MISSING OUT ON. Makes you WANT to chop veggies when they’re like butta :) Good post!

Ashley - Lol. Ben LOVES knives as well. Maybe you could start a knife fan club (as long as the knife is sharp, Ben likes it)! :)

Millie - I totally know what you’re talking about! Josh got me a sweet set of Wusthofs for my birthday a few years back…best birthday present EVER!!

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Two Time’s The Charm

The other day we started trying to get Lydia interested in the idea of potty training. She could really care less about it right now. So we did what any responsible, well meaning, parent would do. BRIBERY!! I’m not ashamed to admit that I routinely use this parenting technique, just don’t tell anyone. Some may call it coercion but I say coerce away. Does that make me a bad parent? Oh well, I think we can all safely say I wasn’t in the running for mother of the year anyways. So we (I) told her that if she went two times in one day then she would get a surprise.



Lindsay - Hooray! I feel better now–we went through a LOT of jellybeans before H figured out the potty. Way to go Lydia!

Kara May - Oh too cute! Love these pics :)

Russell Family - How cute!! Bribery is always a great method!!

Brady - These are beautiful! You need to give yourself more credit. You are really good. ~e~

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Well, my Miss D tagged me in her blog post and so I decided to, duh, be tagged. I don’t know why but this was a thinker for me. And now thanks to Miss D I am short a few brain cells, and I really really needed those.

I AM…too much and yet not enough.

I THINK…there for I am.

I KNOW…too much of the world.

I WANT…my body back.

I HAVE…more blessings than I deserve.

I WISH…I had more confidence to be myself around people.

I HATE…hate and destruction.

I MISS…my family so much that it hurts.

I FEAR…being forgotten.

I HURT…when others are alone.

I FEEL…, like D, an urgency to make myself better and be prepared.

I SMELL… No I don’t, I showered today.

I SEARCH…the Internet for information, my soul for understanding, and the scriptures for wisdom.

I WONDER…if there is anyone funnier than D.

I REGRET…February-June of 2003 and that I’m not funnier than D.

I LOVE…(in no specific order) my honey, my chilens, my family, my camera, Photoshop, and you.

I ALWAYS…procrastinate.

I AM NOT…the brightest flower in the field.

I BELIEVE…I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away.

I DANCE…when no one is looking and the blinds are shut and doors are locked, security is placed outside my door and the streets are closed.

I SING…to my chilens before bed.

I LIVE…with my family, duh.

I DON’T…know.

I WRITE…whatever pops into my mind, which could get rather disturbing. Have you been in there? I’m in there all the time and I can tell ya, not pretty.

I WIN…when my chilens play nicely together, whenever they give me kisses and loves, and when I find a bra that fits.

I NEED…a life overhaul, gumption, vigor, energy, motivation, chocolate, to not need chocolate, and my mommy.

I NEVER…know what I’m doing next.


I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND…on the computer doing my homework.

I AM SCARED…that I won’t be prepared and that I won’t be able to co-lead my family through hard times.

I READ…text books right now but other than that I find books on anything that I want to learn more about. I read Jane Austen, Chris Stewart, cook books, blogs (I counted I follow 106 blogs! I know, I’m crazy!), and Susan Evans McCloud.

I FOCUS…with a camera.

I DREAM…of living close to my family and having my children grow up being close to all of their cousins.

I AM HAPPY ABOUT…having a space heater blowing directly onto my cold tootsies.

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!!Bubby’s Birthday!!

Caleb had his number 1 first birthday Sunday. I can’t believe that he is that old.

And now for your viewing pleasure, a bunch of pictures of a 1 year old.

First things first, the cake.
Don’t worry, I’ll turn away so you can giggle.

Go ahead it won’t hurt my feelings. But if you hear a sniffle and a sob it’s not that my feelings are hurt, no, it’s just that I have a cold. Yeah, a cold, that’s it.

. . .

Okay, are you done yet? Is it out of your system?

. . .

Serriously, it’s not that funny is it? Can we move on please?

Now here he is wondering why we were shoving a big blue blob in front of him.

Oh so yummy! The blue blob is my friend!

This was my favorite present that Caleb received. My little ladies man. Thanks Aunt Shannon!


DeeDee - How cute! I am sorry I didn’t make it. I had 2 houses in Windsor and one on Trilby/Timberline and when the rain started here at 6:15, I called my Mom and told her I wouldn’t make it. The only bad thing about a scooter…rain, snow, hail…
I liked the cake! It looked tasty! Way to go Mom! Happy Birthday young Caleb! Time has surely flown by! Too crazy!
Have a great day!

Ashley - Cute pictures! I love the shirt- lol :).

Russell Family - Hey, was that dot cake??? How cute!!!

Jacobs Family, via Kirsta - Love the shirt and the romper! Babies totally look like they’re moseying with those big ol’ wide steps! My favorite part of the cake is the candle “1” facing backwards :)

I was wondering if you are in need of any favors, because I’m just DYING to ask a favor of you – I love your photos and was wondering if maybe I could borrow your talents to take some fall pics of Patrick? Babysitting, dinner, a whole batch of cookies… you name your price :)

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I’ve Returned from the Void

Yes, gentle readers I have just finished a very stressful, very annoying sojourn into crazy paper land and I have emerged semi victoriously. And while the news of me being BACK, (oh, did I forget to mention that?) is no where near as exciting as Lindsay’s happy news it is exciting for me because it means I don’t have to write another paper for at least a couple of weeks. And now I will leave you all jumping for joy and shouting hallelujahs and I will be back later today with a much more exciting post than this one. But really, how much more exciting can you get?

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…..that exactly the same time that I am the most busy and hardly have a moment to think (unless it’s about school or has to do with school or it is school), I have loads of posts that I am itchin‘ to get out. And so it is with a heavy heart that I am taking a hiatus from blogging. I know how many of you hang on my every word (eye roll……nervous laugh…..ugh, okay then) but never fear I will return with oodles and oodles of things to share. So as a great philosopher of our day once said “TTFN! Ta ta for now!”

Lindsay - We’ll be eagerly awaiting your blogging return. Good luck!

ValSterByDe - we’ll miss you, but good for you in keeping priorities… good luck in school!

Erin - SIGH. Well fine then. I’m glad someone around here has their priorities in order…;)

Russell Family - I’m glad it’s going so well, but we need some of your funny commentary soon!!

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