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Phew….I Need A Break

School is underway. Only two weeks have gone by and I already need a break. Oh goodness I’m in for a treat this semester. Anyone up for a spa day? Oh, wait that requires money. Maybe we can go down to the river and roll around in the mud; so soothing. Or maybe we can all track down a pigeon and hold it over our heads (you don’t want to know).
I decided to take a full load this go round. I’m taking Photoshop I, Digital Photography, Early Childhood Education, and Colorado History. And you’ll never guess which one is kicking my ever expanding posterior, it’s the history. Can you believe it?
Well, it’s time to buckle down and get some work done….that’s due in….HOLY COW!! Did you realize it was 10:00 already? Why didn’t you tell me?

Gotta go…..

Erin - Oh how I admire you. School and two kids? I’m far to wimpy for that. The one semester that I did it nearly killed me. Seriously.

You go girl.

Lindsay - Way to go Rebecca! Good luck with the classes, especially History–that is a heavy load to tackle.

Russell Family - Wow!! Sounds hectic.

…pigeon poo???

The Miz - Actually I misspoke (mis-wrote ?) it’s a nightingale. Yep, for a mere $200 even you can have bird poo purposefully spatula’d onto your face. I told you you didn’t want to know. But don’t worry the poo is purified before it touches your skin, if that makes it any better.

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A Waddler Walkin, A Toddler Talkin, A Rocker Rockin

Well it’s official, my little man is a walkin, more like waddling but still…

We were on our way home from Utah and Lydia started counting out load. She’s a pretty good counter, before she was counting to 13 but would hit a bump,…10, 11, 12, 13, 13, 13, 13… Driving along and then she started and I was listening to her and expected to hear 13, 13, 13, but instead I heard…11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 15, 15, 15… Slowly but surely she’s makin her way up, up, up, up…

While we were in Utah we were able to experience first hand the phenom that is Guitar Hero. I am not really one for video games but this got me hooked. Now I’ve got Wii on the brain. People! Come on, not that kind of wee! Anyway, Lydia decided she wanted to try her hand at the game and now she’s gone rocker chic.

Ben and Ashley - Cute pictures! Lydia looks like a rockstar :)

DeeDee - How Cute! Lydia looks like quite the little rockstar, especially with those glasses! Way to go Caleb, how fun for you now Becca!!!!

Millie - If you do decide to give in and this game, you should totally get Rock Band instead of Guitar Hero….drums are soooo fun!!

The Miz - MILLIE NOT TACKETT ANYMORE STONE!!! You are on your honeymoon…in Paris of all places! What are you doing posting on blogger?

note: Guitar Hero is coming out with it’s own Rock Band rip off, is Rock Band still better then?

Russell Family - Aww….how darling!! :) I love reading your blog posts!

Erin - So cute! Love the last pic of Lyda especially. She is a girl that shows her happiness with every inche of her face!

As for Guitar Hero, you can now see why Spencer’s family refers to themselves as “the band” and why all activities whilst we are in Utah revolve around “band practice”. SIGH. I still don’t get it. But, that’s not sayin’ much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Tip Toe Through The Turnips

The other morning I decided to get up at, gasp, 6:40 am and take a walk. Instead of walking down the sidewalk, like any other normal person would do, I decided to walk gallantly down all the ally ways. Now you may think that I do this because I’m a person that has some sort of depth to them but really it’s because I’m nosy and like to peak into people’s back yards and glimpse into their lives nay their very souls. Okay so maybe that last part is a bit of a stretch. Regardless it is still fun to take a step out of my own world and see how other people live their lives. Anyways, back to my point, I was amazed at how many beautiful, functional gardens there were. They were all so organized and manicured. These gardens are very telling into the character of those that take care of them. That is why I forbid anyone to peak into my backyard and take a gander at my “garden”. So come take a walk with me through the gardens, I mean by the gardens. And don’t forget to breath in the fresh morning air.

Ahhhhh, don’t you feel better?

Lindsay - I do feel better…but not about my own garden. Those are pretty!

DeeDee - Sweet! I wish I had the time for a garden like that. Have a great day!

Erin - SIGH. BIG SIGH. This is one of the things that I covet most–a fabulous garden. Next year I’ll give a garden a whirl. We’ll see how that all shakes down. Somehow, I doubt that it will be as fabulous as any of these.

Oh, and I’m totally an alley girl. When my kids were tiny I used to go on looooooong walks to escape our dank dark student housing apartment…and mostly to spy on the rich people who lived all around the University. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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A Cow’s Bum, A Horse Head, And A Hayride!

First I would like to thank Poudre Valley Healthy Families program for giving us a fun free farm experience. We had a very fun time and please excuse the cow’s manners. I guess she couldn’t wait until after the picture was taken.

brandon and laura - great pictures, you are quite the photographer. lydia is so cute.

The Miz - Thanks Laura! However, I must admit that Kevin did take 3 of the pics. I just worked them over in Photoshop.

Erin - Now those are some excellent pics. Love ’em. Looks like fun. The Farm is one of my kids’ favorite places.

Russell Family - Wow, I really like the pictures! Your kids are so cute!! I always enjoy reading your blog!


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Babysitter Or Baby Sister?

Well Lydia came up to me today and says, “I wan baby sither.”
My eyes bugged out of my head and I said “WHAT!?!”
“I wan baby sither.”
“Go tell daddy what you just said.”
“Daddy, I wan baby sither.”
Daddy’s eyes bugged out of his head and he said, “You want a babysitter or a baby sister?”

“Yeah, baby sither.”

What do you think? Was Lydia saying she wants a

1. baby sither
2. babysither

note: no this is not an announcement, athough it would have been a cute one.

ValSterByDe - so are you looking for excuses to add a baby sither to the mix? i say go for it… we are loving our new baby sither:)

DeeDee - I say it’s time Lydia got a baby sither! You make cute kids, so go for it Mom and Dad! ;o)

Kara May - Just ran across your blog – love your background paper. This post has me chuckling…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Miz - Hey Valarie, no excuses needed on my end but it is all about the tick tock timing.
DeeDee, don’t say that too loud, Kevin might hear you.
Kara, thanks for stopping by. You’re welcome back anytime. I’m not offering any know how or how to, just one of the nondescripts out in the sea of wires and electricity. Love your pictures, by the way, breath taking.

Erin - That is too funny. :) I’m thinking it was a baby sither. Naw, maybe babysither. Hard to say really.

Either way, she’s darn cute. Lunch bunch on Thursday??

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