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Don’t Ask Because Even I Don’t Know

For some reason beyond my understanding this is how my daughter sleeps most every night and nap.

This is what her bed looked like after her nap yesterday. Notice the monstrous pile of books?

Here she is tonight and the pile has gotten bigger, if that’s even possible.

Schmidt Family - Okay– So i thought my kids had a lot on their beds, but nothing compares to that!!

Lindsay - Holy cow! I’ve seen it with stuffed animals, but books have corners. So cute.

The Miz - And it’s not like her bed starts out that way. Every morning and every afternoon we spend some time putting her books back on the bookshelves. It’s like a never ending book pile because no matter how many times we put the books back, there will always be a pile waiting for us.

Erin - Oh phew! I thought she was actually in that first picture. I was thinking HOW IN THE WORLD?? Gotcha. It was AFTER her nap. I’m with ya know.

That is impressive. Isabel’s is sort of like that. Only it’s dressup clothes. She goes to sleep in one outfit and wakes up in 12 layers of puffy goodness.

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Weekend Workings

Okay, okay, I didn’t really do this over the weekend or rather even one weekend. This has been one of those “unfinished projects” (of which I have too many) that has been laying around the house, literally, for the past year. I’m not a slow starter I’m a slow finisher but regardless it is finely done and Lydia (and eventually Caleb) can enjoy the fruits of there mama’s re-finishing. And without further ado I give to you……..


Sorry about the picture. I found some free actions for PSE and I’m going a little nuts with one in particular. What? I like it okay?

christy - i love the chair. btw, what is pse?

Erin - Now that is cool! Love it, love it. Well worth the wait in my opinion.

The Miz - Hey Christy, PSE is Photoshop Elements. I will soon be able to work with the big boy Photoshop CS3 which I “have” to buy for one of my classes this fall. Awe, shucks.

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No Where To Go But Up

I was so blessed to be able to spend a few days (count them 1, 2, 3, 4 days) in Utah and celebrate another baptism (my beautiful niece Monica)

but also a Seminary and High School graduation (my beautiful niece Marshelle).

Unfortunately I have absolutely no pictures for the graduation because when Marshelle walked I had planned on actually going up to the “stage” but when the time came I looked around and there was hardly any elbow room let alone room for me to maneuver anywhere. I tried to take them where I sat but there were too many heads in the way. Regardless, we are all so proud of both Monica and Marshelle for the decisions they have made and we thank them for letting us share those important life events.
After the graduation we (myself, Shannon, Jessica, Stephanie, Honey, and rents) went to Ruby Tuesday and had a blast. It was Jessica’s 22nd birthday and my kind sister-in-law went up to our server and asked if she could get all the hot guys that worked there to come and serenade Jessica. Our server promptly responded “Have you seen the guys that work here?” Then Honey asked if there were any gay men that worked there. Yep, so a little while later a very effeminate man came and presented Jessica with some ice-cream and made the announcement that he was a firm believer that a lady should never reveal her age but he had it on very good authority that there was at least one person at our table one year older. It was great! Thanks for that Honey, it’s something Jessica won’t soon forget!
While I was away Kevin got to spend all those days with his two kiddos all by his-self. I think it gave him a great opportunity to get to know his kids better, he thinks otherwise and has kindly asked me to not make this flitting off to strange lands without him a habit.

Schmidt Family - That is awesome. The only time I have ever left my kids was for girls camp last year. Christopher also asked me not to leave them anytime soon!

Lindsay - Funny story at Ruby Tuesday!

Erin - How fun! Oooohhh funny husbands. 😉 Lydia was adorable at church, as usual. She is our people greeter. Sort of like at Walmart. Only it’s nursery and she’s WAAAYYY more enthusiastic than at Walmart.

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My PG-13 Husband!

We are all so proud of Kevin (Daddy) and Aunt Jenny who ran and successfully completed the Bolder Boulder. It was their first 10K, actually it was their first race ever.

DeeDee - Kevin you ROCK! That is awesome! I knew Jen was doing it, but I didn’t know you had decided to go for the gusto and run your little feet off! SWEET! Congratulations! Impressive, I must say! Way to be cool like that! What a great example you are to me!

Erin - I’m a little slow on the responses lately…but WTG Kevin! Isn’t that race awesome? Bolder Boulder was an excellent choice for your first race. Although, definitely not the easiest course out there. Even more kudos for that!

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Here’s What I’m Sure You Didn’t Want To Know

Glenn Beck, how I love thee.
Let me count the ways:

Should I start dinner now or do I wait? Well if I start it now then maybe it’ll be done by 6:00. It’s 4:59
, click “Tonight America, here’s what you need to know.” Awe, my dear Mr. Beck. But having two kiddos running around and dinner on the stove I can hardly catch everything that my dear Mr. Beck is talking, ranting, flailing, and is all around concerned about. But not to worry……
That’s right, click “Tonight America, here’s what you need to know.” And still with two hellions (for at this time they have transformed; too tired to act sweet and nice but not tired enough to just CALM DOWN!) I can hardly catch what my dear Mr. Beck is saying, yelling, screaming, or shaking his fists at. But not to worry…..

You guessed it, for this is the magic hour, click “Tonight America, here’s what you need to know.” Between picking up the days mess and getting myself ready for bed I still can hardly catch what my dear Mr. Beck is telling me. But with both of my angels (for at this time they have transformed into sleeping, angelic messes) snoozing the night away I have a better chance to ponder, reflect, and rant along with my dear Mr. Beck.
That’s right Mr. Beck, stick it to ’em.

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