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Marshelle {Utah Senior Photographer}

Life sure has been trudging on lately. I haven’t posted anything personal in quite sometime. And for some reason, I get the distinct impression that not many people really care all that much. But we are all doing fine. Like I said, trudging along.

I was able to go out with my assistant (reflector girl as we like to call her (pst, she’s my sister)) and this gorgeousness a few weeks ago. This is Marshelle and she was a fabulous model (she must get it from her aunties). I’m fairly certain that the gorgeousness comes from her mom’s side of the family. Did I forget to mention, she’s my niece. Oh, whoops.

Utah Senior photographer in Kiwanis Park
Marshelle with utah senior photographer in pleasant grove
utah senior photographer in pleasant grove
utah senior photographer in kiwanis park
black and white utah senior photographer
Kiwanis park in pleasant grove utah senior photographer
gorgeous model in kiwanis park utah senior photographer
Senior photography in Pleasant Grove Utah

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Victoria {Utah Senior Photographer}

Well, I’m sure my little facebook post about new and exciting changes has had you all waiting on pins and needles.  The internet has blown up and is buzzing with rumors, am I right?  (On a side note, if you haven’t liked my facebook page, you should head over and click that little likety like button.)

Okay then BIG ANNOUNCEMENT #1!  Rebeccalynn Photography will now be specializing in Seniors ONLY.  What does that mean exactly?  Will I be shooting only grandmas and grandpas?  Nope!  Nothin against pop pops and meemaws but I will be focusing on high school seniors, namely senior girls. (I know guys, this probably breaks your heart.)

Now on to BIG ANNOUNCEMENT #2!  I know the mind reels that I can have another big announcement but I do.  Rebeccalynn Photography will (as of May 8th, 2012) be located and serving the areas of Utah County, Utah.

And if you think you can handle it after all that, scroll down and see the lovely Miss Victoria.

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Jessica {Utah Senior Photographer}

While I was in Utah a few weeks ago I wanted to take the opportunity to get in a model shoot while I was there.  But my model had to cancel at the VERY LAST MINUTE.  GAHHHH!  It’s all good though.  My fast thinking and amazing strong arm capabilities were put to the test.  The good thing about my family is there is no lack of gorgeousness and I was able to strong arm my little sister (who I’ve strong armed before) to be my model.  (Wow, I say strong armed a lot.)  She was amazing.  It was freezing and she rocked it out even though she was a Popsicle by the end of the shoot.  She was a Jessicle!  hee hee!  Man, I kill myself!

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Sitting here wondering if I’m gonna cave and go get a very tired baby boy from his bed because he won’t give up the fight and just go to sleep.  I’ll probably cave.  Babies, good grief!

The weather has been so beautiful lately and it seems we have found ourselves outside quite a bit.  It’s great!  Uuuuntil it’s time to drag the little hooligans inside for the night.  Man!  Those 6 and 4 year olds can really try your patience.

 Internet Update:  Yes, I in fact did cave.

This is the lovely Desiree who was my model for an afternoon.




Becci Ames - These are fantastic, Rebecca. I love them!

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