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Weekend Workings

So my weekend projects spilled over into the week, no biggie.

We are having a little trouble with our FHE’s and so I thought that maybe if we had “assigned” topics that it would help, you know, so we don’t have to think too awfully hard. So I decided to make an FHE Jar. Now every Monday after FHE we will pull a topic out of the jar and who ever is assigned the lesson with have at it.

Here’s another thing we worked on this weekend. We picked this little gem up on freecycle (luuuuvv it!) and after 4 trips to Home Depot (trip 1: get new screws and bolts, trip 2: get the right size of screws because they apparently had to be metric, trip 3: pick up more of the right size of screws because they only had 6 on trip 2, trip 4: pick up more of the right size screws because they didn’t have any on trip 3) and for the cost of some screws (and maybe my sanity) we have ourselves a trampoline. You are all welcome to come over and use it. Of course since we don’t have a safety enclosure you will have to sign a personal injury waiver, that’s just the kind of world we live in now folks.

DeeDee - HOW FUN! I will be over sometime when I am not going crazy with houses and dogs and cats and…

Lindsay - Fun!

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When I eat Lucky Charms or Captain Crunch (and yes I still eat them) I always save the marshmallows and Crunch Berries till the very end. Yum!!

Erin - Now THAT is funny. :)

I loooooooove your new haircut btw. Looks fab. :)

Lindsay - I do the same thing! It leaves the most tasty morsels until the very end. (But you have to guard your plate sometimes from scavenging husbands…not so much with cereal, though.)

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He’s In The Army Now

This is more for me to remember than anything but precisely at 7:39 PM Caleb Ray Aycock tried and successfully completed his first army crawl.

note: This video was taken a few days later. He is trying to thwart the plans of the evil one who has stolen his bottle just to get him to crawl for the camera.

I know, I know, I’m sooo cruel.

Schmidt Family - Yea Caleb! I can’t believe he is old enough to crawl! I still remember being shocked when I learned you were pregnant!

DeeDee - Yay Caleb! Next thing you know he will be chasing his big sister! :)

Lindsay - Way to go Caleb!

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I’ve Been Scalped!!!

I didn’t tell Kevin before we came here but I was planning on getting my haircut……..and……..I DID. I actually had enough to donate to Locks of Love, 10″.

The other night I prepared dinner for everyone. I made the Quinoa Primavera that Erin posted on her blog ever so long ago. It was good, however, it would have been way better if I hadn’t….ahem….”overcooked” parts of it. I was able to visit D.I.s (can you believe I’ve never been?) and I have to say that for a thrift store it is exceptionally clean. It now warrants a stop every Utah visit.

ValSterBy - so do we get to see the final cut? very curious

The Miz - Well, it’s like this, if I posted pics of it then I’d have to post pics of it and if you understand that train of thought then you may know me a little better than you think. Scary huh?

Millie - So if we don’t get to see any clear pics, can you at least tell me if that’s you standing in the background holding up the hair? I believe I see some wispy bangs back there somewhere =)

Lindsay - Wow–your hair! That’s great. I can’t wait to see it.

Erin - Hmm…how about at least a little hint as to the style?? I’m dying to see it! That is SO much hair. Good for you! I’ll bet it made it a little less scary–knowing it was going to a good cause.

apriljanellehart - I want pictures missy.

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Utah Livin!

Well I thought I’d post a few things while here in the lovely deseret. It’s fun to be here for a nice change of pace. Lydia is loving playing with all of her cousins especially Brianna, Emily, and Kaitlyn. We had the wonderful opportunity to attend one of my nephew’s baptisms, Ryan. He was so excited. Even though we’re having a good time and I love being around all of my family I miss Kevin tons and tons; Lydia and Caleb too. Every time Lydia hears the door open and close she yells “Daaa eee home! Daaa eee home!” Poor thing.

First we have Lydia with the “Legos” house we built together. Now I look at it I think it needed an overhang.

Here is Ryan, awe, he’s lookin all clean, shiny, bright, and new; until he went and slugged his brother of course.

These next two are just of Lydia playing in the Myers’ backyard after the baptism.

note: kudos to Jessica on the pictures.

Lindsay - Glad to hear you’re having fun! H. mentioned that no, Lydia was not there in nursery today. Sigh…

Kevin - Those are some really good pics. Lydia looks so cute. I miss you guys too.

Joseph, Erin, Sarah, 'Lil Joe and Muloki the Wonder Dog - Hello! I don’t think I talked to the lady of the house but a few times, but I sure know Kevin, and am happy to have stumbled onto your blog! I may just help myself and peek in on you from time to time!!

Erin (Mead) Witters

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Here comes the…….chaching!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m not terribly happy about this Stimulus Package, however there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it so I am resigned to taking the money.
So inquiring minds want to know (which means I’m nosy). What do all of you plan on doing with the money? I think that we’ve decided to use some of it to build up or food storage (which we desperately need), some we’re going to put away for a rainy day (exactly not what the Government wants), and some of it we will be investing in my car.

Hey, most of you don’t know about my car. Sigh……my car….dreamy eyed……Sorry you lost me for a second. Well I have this car, my first car, that we have been keeping in storage (total shame) because we can’t afford the insurance and gas on it. It is the coolest, ultimate, best ever car. And now I will post pictures of my baby…..uh….one of my babies.

Schmidt Family - I learn more and more about you that totally amazes me. What year is your car–’69, 68? I am in love with the ’69 Firebird! I want one when I am older!

The Miz - It’s a ’66. It was a great guy magnet back when I was single but then some guys only liked me for my car so that wasn’t so great.

Anonymous - Hi- I don’t know you, but I know your GQ man. He and I were in the same ward before he left on his mission. Congrats on getting married and on your two kids. They are really cute! Natalie Young

Anonymous - Oh my goose neck! Sorry, I was logged in under someone elses name when I left my comment a few minutes ago. My name is Natalie Young, but my email is clearly not Mr….. if Kevin wanted to say hi, not that he will, he could use

Lindsay - That is one pretty set of wheels. We’ll probably have to put our stimulus toward a…minivan.

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Extra! Extra! Reader All About It!

I discovered the most amazing invention yesterday. This is going to be big, I mean mega-millions. Oh yeah!
Okay, so maybe I’m not the inventor and maybe I’m not even the first to hear about this but it’s still pretty cool.
So if you are a blog stalker, which I of course am, then this little doo hickey is for you. I have tons of blogs that I read (love those design blogs and the blogs of my friends) but it’s trying to have to check each and every blog to see if someone just happened to have posted. But now, thanks to Google reader, it keeps me posted as to the postings of all my blogs. Totally check it out. It’s really fun.

Erin - I soooo need to do this. I hear you can do Google Analytics too…it sort of lets you stalk your blog readers so you know how many people are reading your blog and where they are etc. etc.. I’m all about the blog stalking.

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What Have I Done?

So I never really realized how much of a “Miss Priss” I had turned my daughter into until today. While I was out weeding getting ready to plant a garden (yes, gasp, lets let the shock and amazement settle in) Lydia was playing with the spade, transporting dirt from one side of the “garden” to the other. Then all of a sudden the most horrible thing that could have happened……..she got dirt on her finger. “Oh my goodneck!” Which loosely translated means oh my goodness however the more exact definition is:

oh my goodneck (ō ˈ ˈgŭdnĕk) 1 : most often used to express one’s amazement 2 : the mystification of one’s self 3 : used to indicate a feeling of horror or disgust 4 : an expression often used for anything that will amaze, mystify, horrify, and disgust a 2 year old.

Lindsay - That’s classic! I think Webster’s needs to hear about this one.

tagteamo3 - Hey! It was great to see your comment. I didn’t know you had a blog! You will have to be added to our links.

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