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Weekend Workings

I finely finished one of my projects this weekend. I started it last week however I’ve had it around for far longer than that.

Here is the before picture:
The after:

Pretty and pink, my new little scrap booking cabinet.
Caleb also thought it would be fun to start sitting up by himself.

Schmidt Family - That is so cute!! Is it an old fridge?

The Miz - Yeah, I bought it off a lady for like $10. I gutted it’s motor and wires to make it a little lighter to carry, then sanded, painted, and added some shelving.

Lindsay - I have to admit I was wondering, “Is this a second refrigerator?” Then I saw the after pictures. Wow! What a creative and unique and good-looking refurb. Nice work.

Erin - Oh.My.Gosh. That is amazing!! You are soooo very talented. :) Love it.

tagteamo3 - Wow, I just love it! You are so awesome!

christy - rebecca, i think that old refrigerator turned craft closet is a great idea! where did you get the fridge? anyway i found your blog from the holmans. here’s ours if you want
christy hinton

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Playin with Polaroid

Alas, it will not be long until the infamous Polaroid goes the way of the things that go away.
How little I knew thee, we were just getting acquainted and I do believe it could have been true love.

I will hold on as long as it is possible but it will be a bitter farewell.
Is there not one among us that can save my dear Polaroid?
Pray there is so I do not have to bid goodbye to this true hero, this true friend, my true Polaroid.

Erin - Excellent post, excellent pictures. These remind me of my childhood. Standing in front of our wooden clapboard house in knee high scoks, brown leather tie shoes, a dress, and hair that had just been carefully rolled out of pink sponge curlers. First day of kindergarten pics anyone? :)

ValSterBy - what a cutie (both kids) thanks for finding us!

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6 months and a few

Yes I realize that it is passed his actual half birthday but then I’m sure none of you have memorized my kids birthdays so who cares, right?

6 Reasons We Love Our Caleb

1. You’re such a goofball

2. You are in no way a lukewarm baby

3. You adore your big sister

4. You’ll smile at almost anyone just to make their day
5. You are so attentive and sweet

6. You have a depth behind your eyes, so soulful

Love you bubby!

Millie - OMG Becca, he is sooooooo beautiful. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes, you better watch out! Him and Claire (Chris’s little girl) would make a cute couple! Hehehe =)

Erin - He is so adorable! I don’t ever get to see him–since I’m in the basement with the other (older)cuties every week. :)

DeeDee - What an adorable little tyke! He seems like he has grown since I saw him on Easter!

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Ho hum

So our little stint into the world of big girl beds didn’t quite last very long. We jumped in but it got too hot so we jumped back out and now Lydia is back sleeping in the crib. Maybe she’s just not ready or maybe we’re trying it too late. So I guess we’ll see what happens. I’m not sure what else we could have tried. We tried the Super Nanny approach, the problem with that is she never actually came out of her room and instead would just sit and play. We were only able to put her back in when we chanced to see her out. Then we tried sitting in front of her door until she went to sleep. That’s not at all convenient, let me tell you so then we moved onto just letting her stay in her room until she fell asleep on her own. After 4 days of her not going to sleep until 11:00 we scrapped that idea. So maybe we’ll revisit this in a month or two.
Caleb started rolling all over the place on Tuesday. He did it once that morning and then he just wanted to show off and he kept on doing it all day long. Now, when he’s sick of being on his tummy he can rectify the situation all by himself.

Schmidt Family - I had nk idea you blogged! I added you to our friends! it was great to hear you voice in your writing!!

Erin - Hey you. :)

I love your blog.
I love your writing.
I love your soundtrack.

Muy bueno.:)

Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking!

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Cupcakes, cupcakes everywhere and not a drop to drink

We made cupcakes today. I tried to enlist the help of my lovely young daughter with decorating them but she was more interested in just eating the frosting. The cake part of this equation didn’t really turn out that great but the frosting was good, a lemon cream cheese. Now, who do I give them to….hmmmm.

Lindsay - Mmmm…cupcakes. This is inspiring me. We’ve got some cream cheese that is getting a little old…

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It’s Big Girl Bed Time! Jump Around!

Well we have made or rather started to make the scary transition into big girl bed world. I honestly thought that it would be simple, oh to be ignorant again. At first we tried the Super Nanny approach and would just put her back in bed every single time she got out but after four hours of that not working I sat outside her door until she fell asleep. That was fun let me tell you. Yesterday Kevin did his homework on the floor outside her room while I took care of the baby, I bet his back must have been killing him. But today we’ve had a break through. While it still took sometime for her to go to sleep tonight she stayed in bed; yes she goofed off a little, she snuck (yes I realize that snuck is not a word) a book in bed with her, and her bed is disheveled but she is asleep and she did it on her own.

Monday we took the kids to the HP park. The play area isn’t much, compared to an actual park, but it was nice because there were no other kids there to compete with. Lydia had an absolute blast and barely stopped to catch her breath. She is GO GO GO constantly.

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