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Time flies.   Why does that always surprise me?  Alexander is already 8 months old and I can hardly believe how quickly it has all gone by.  He is moving everywhere and he is just starting to get the jist of crawling.  We all adore him and sometimes some of us might adore him too much.

Lydia and Caleb are growing up so fast too.  I was watching Lydia the other day and just marveling at how grown up she looked but then she started to run around like a maniac and broke the spell.

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Let the Blogging Penance Begin

Wit, wisdom, pith and all.  I sometimes find myself wondering where it all went.  There was a time I fancied myself a writer (of course that was way back when I had brain cells and no children) but it seems that when I sit down and try to expound on something meaningful that is happening or has happened in my life I am stuck.  I have so many drafts saved for this blog it’s rather comical or maybe it’s just sad.  And just when I’m about to click the “Save Draft” button I have to really push myself to finish what I started.  Who wants to read about a 30 something year old with 3 cute (and crazy) kids who happens to aspire to be a photographer?

Well, as you may know I am not the best blogger in the world (read universe?).  I’m not sure why but I do much better with facebook, but I am going to try and do better.  And to start I will blog a back logged session of one of my favorite people and someone who is no stranger to this blog, my sister.

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Christmas, Before It’s Irrelevant

For anybody who still peeks at this blog you are in for a treat today.  I’M BLOGGING ABOUT CHRISTMAS!!  Yes, you know, that holiday that was two weeks ago?  That’s what I’m talking about.

Our Christmas was very low key.  We stuck around home and had fun with our little family.  Our Christmas break hasn’t felt like a break to me.  I’ve been more busy now than when we were doing school.

I would say that we had a very good Christmas, despite some tears over a broken present (look at the pics and take a wild guess which one you think it was).

And without further ado, an explosion of pictures!




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From Then Until Now and Everything In-between: A Life Update

There are hardly enough hours in the day or enough of me to go around.  Lately I’ve felt very busy, sometimes in a good I’m getting something done and it’s for the betterment of humanity (or at least my children) way and sometimes in an I can’t believe what I’ve gotten myself into, will this ever end way.  I never thought homeschooling wouldn’t be hard.  I went into it knowing that it would be a lot of work and it is.  It’s a lot of work, a lot of pressure, and it can be a lot of fun too.  So, as not to bore you with all the blah blah blah, here is what we’ve been up to in school in pictures..

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First Day of School!!

I know what you’re thinking.  What school starts on Labor Day?  Well, it’s the kind of school that you can go to in your pj’s.  It’s the kind of school that you can have anywhere you want.  It’s the kind of school that you can have anytime you want, even holidays.  It’s the kind of school that when mom was scheduling the school year that she never realized that the 5th of September was going to be Labor Day! IF you haven’t figured out WHAT kind of school my hooligans are attending  I’ll spell it out for you:

H O M E S C H O O L ! ! !

Yes, we are crazy enough to be doing homeschool.  I’m really excited about it though.  I’ve been working on things almost all Summer.  Most of the stuff is for Caleb.  Those pre-k’s need to keep their hands busy!

One thing we did today was take first day of school pictures.  Even though we aren’t attending “traditional” school, I thought it would be great to start this tradition.

Then I let them take a picture of each other.

And of course Alexander didn’t want to be left out!

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Michael and Bernadette

Aren’t they just so cute?  I may be a teensy bit biased though.

I’d like you to meet my brother and his wife.  They were over to visit and asked for a nice picture.  I think it was easy to give them that when they look so fantastic together.  We went out in my fugly backyard and had ourselves a mini-mini session.

Millie - Your brother looks SO happy, it’s great to see =)

Chelsea Ellingson - My favorite pictures are the ones I can do for my family. It’s nice to make other people happy, but when it’s your family, and you can employ your talents on their behalf, it just feels like a warm chocolate chip cookie. With milk.
Mmm….I may have to go make myself somma those on this rainy day…

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2 Months Young

Yes, it really has been 2 months since Alexander has blessed our happy home.  He is so fun and both the kids love him.  I’m so happy that neither one of them have shown any signs of jealousy or resentment towards him.  Caleb, especially, loves him “soooooooo mutt.  he’s soooo toot!”

Becci Ames - These are perfect. I am especially in love with the last one.

Jessica - So jealous. Wish you were closer.

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