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Crossing The Great Utahns

Yeah, the title doesn’t make sense but it sounds good.

We’ve been back for a few days from our glorious week in Utah. For some reason this trip felt way more relaxing then previous times we’ve visited. I love to see my family. I miss them. Sad.

We had fun spending time with cousins. I love that Lydia has a few around her age. Sadly Caleb is the youngest and at present there doesn’t seem to be any other cousins in the near future for him to play with. (ahem)

On the fourth we went to the Provo Temple grounds and, with a few thousand other people, enjoyed not only this majestic sunset but a fabulous fireworks display. I might have taken more pictures but I was very nervous about taking my eyes off my kids. Just after the sun had gone down I saw a father frantically running around and calling for his daughter. Then another instance some kind girls were walking around with a little boy trying to find his family. It’s really tore my heart out thinking of those poor families. Anyway, my sister Jessica took pictures of all the fireworks and was quite entertaining while doing it. You can see her pictures here.

Kevin has family in Utah too and his Grandparents happened to be in town staying with Kevin’s uncle. We got to visit with them for a little while. The kids loved playing at Uncle Rex’s and Aunt Linda’s. I mean, who wouldn’t have fun when all you do is jump on the trampoline, splash around in the pool, and play with kids all day.

Poor Analee. She was so nice about being splashed in the face though. Over and over and over and over . . .

On our way home, I don’t know why but it was hard for me to put the camera down. The landscape was so beautiful. Wyoming, who’d a thunk it? I’m just kidding. And don’t worry, I didn’t take any of these while driving, at least not while I was driving.

Marshelle - Wow. Who knew Wyoming could be so GORGEOUS?!

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The Shadow: An E-Session

Well, I have been lucky enough to find a local photographer (who also happens to be a Rebecca Lynn and who happens to be a fabulous photographer) who is allowing me to shadow her/assist her/shoot with her.

I had a blast and I’ve already learned a ton from Becca. Karl and Meagan are such a cute couple and so easy to photograph. It helps when you have a couple that just can’t take a bad picture.

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In A Van, Down By The River: ELC

Well, I guess there wasn’t a van but there was a river.

We went for a nature walk around the Environmental Learning Center. “We” were running late so our friends had already started their walk.

Stopping for a little snack.

No worries, we were able to find our friends or maybe they found us. Either way, isn’t this the cutest thing you ever saw?

Ashley - That was fun! I love the pics.

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Hiking The Horsetooth

I have to blog this because we never do this kinda stuff. It’s a momentous occasion!! And thank you Pyne’s for letting us use your carrier. It was a life saver. (Although Kevin might not agree completely with that, he being the pack mule). I think that we had a good time. We got out, got some exercise (no comment), and got to be one with nature. Now please share with me a Zen moment. (oooooom, oooooom)

Lydia was drawing us a map just in case we didn’t know which way to go.

Bear got in on the action too!

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