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Whoa Mama! That’s A Long Time!

Um . . . well what do you say when your last post was 5 MONTHS AGO?!?!? Honestly I don’t know why I haven’t blogged, it just seems rather daunting at the moment. I wish I had some great excuse like OH MY GOSH I’M PREGNANT AND I’VE BEEN THROWING UP NON-STOP!! Alas, that is not the case. Or maybe I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY WITH MY PHOTOGRAPHY DOING SHOOT AFTER SHOOT AND BEING SO GLAMOROUS I JUST DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO BLOG!! Alas, that is not the case either.
But if you care to see there will be posts covering Christmas, Lydia’s Birthday, My Grammy, and a few other little happenings, goings on, posts. Scroll down if you dare.

Ashley - Yay for updating blogs!

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Toppins A Bag

We decided to make bird feeders. Super easy with peanut butter, pine cones, and birdseed. The kids had fun and I am grateful that I had the forsight to do it on the kitchen floor with a table cloth spread out underneath us. Oh, tip for those with 2 year olds, when “sprinkling” the birdseed on the pine cone don’t leave the lid off the peanut butter or you might find a fun surprise in there the next time you go to make a sammie. I’m just sayin.

And there they sat, waiting, anticipating something wonderful to swoop down and partake of the bounty they had laid for them . Unfortunately, they didn’t get to see any swooping. However, the pine cones were partaken of. For a couple of days they kept disappearing mysteriously. We would look out the window and one would be gone and then another and then another. Until we finally spotted the culprit. SQUIRRELS!! Or rather SQUIRREL!! That tricky little bugger stole every last one of those pine cones. Dang dirty squirrel.

Ashley - The FC squirrels are crazy! I really like the bird feeder idea- I will have to make one!

Lindsay - Grrrr….squirrels…
I do like the feeders!

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Broken Boy Or In Other Words A New Nickname.

Our spring break was eventful to say the least. It all started on quite a beautiful Tuesday morning. Kevin decided to take the kids outside to allow me time to myself to clean(?) or something like that. (I know I’m spoiled). While Kevin was doing yard work the two hooligans were romping around on our trampoline. Then Caleb started to cry. It wasn’t even a very bad cry just a whiny kind of cry. Usually if he did get a little hurt he would just cry a little and then go back to playing. He didn’t stop crying. I went outside to see what had happened and saw Caleb trying to stand up. I say trying because he would get up and then put weight on his right leg and quickly go back down. Turns out Lydia fell on him. I picked him up and examined him and there were no visible signs of trauma other than Caleb couldn’t stand on his leg. I took him inside and laid him on the couch to see if resting a little (and a little babying) would remedy the owie. A minute or two later I look at Caleb and he has gone completely white. That kid is white to begin with so you can imagine. After seeing that he needed to go to the Doctor. I called and they directed us to Urgent Care. My poor whittle man bwoke his whittle weg. When the doctor told me that I was rather shocked. He took me back to show me the X-Ray and yep sure enough there was a crack. It wasn’t a complete break (lucky him) the bone was fractured.

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A few weeks ago my sister called to tell me that we were going to have a family fast for my Grandma, otherwise known as Grammy. She had been fighting a losing battle with cancer and at the time she was at her worst.
Grammy passed away not long after that with her children by her side. It still doesn’t seem believable that she is gone. Grammy’s always there, she’s always been there, it’s odd to think that she isn’t there now.
She was such a happy person and such a people person. She loved to talk to people, it didn’t matter if she knew you or not she would talk to you like you were old friends. I loved being around Grammy because she always took what I was dishing out and would laugh at it. I’m the type that teases those I love and I really loved my Grammy. One thing Grammy and I shared was a movie connection. When we lived in Oregon and she would come to visit I would always have a movie for her to watch. If it was a movie that I had fallen in love with she loved it too. One that we watched many times was Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. (Ah, Gilbert) Grammy also loved to play card games and was always up for a good one.

Almost everyone at Grammy’s 80th Birthday Bonanza!

After 20 years apart, they are finally reunited.

I love you Grammy and I’ll miss you until we meet again.

Marshelle - Your post is making me cry!! Love you Grammy :)

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Model Shoot

It seems I have been MIA for quite some time. Few, where has the time gone? I swear there was more of it laying around here not more than a month ago.
Just about a month ago I was able to go to a model shoot put on by a local photographers group (NoCo Photo). I wish I would have been able to stay the entire day but alas I had to leave only 2 hours into it. It was so much fun, really loved it and I hope that I get to attend more and more and more and more. . .

angellacowan - These are aweome! Good work!

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Sneak Peak: Stone Family

I figured that before they thought I skipped town with their pictures that I’d post a little sneaky peak of the shoot with Millie and her lovely family.
Millie is a friend from high school. Not that high school , the other one, the one I didn’t graduate from. Anyways, Millie (and hubby) thought that a great Christmas present for her mother in law would be family pictures. I happen to totally agree but then again, I’m a little biased.

Bev Stone - Wonderful pictures, Rebecca!

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