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The Big 05!

Every few years we have the distinct honor of sharing our anniversary with the illustrious holiday, Thanksgiving. This year was such a year. It still amazes me that we have been married for 5 years! And what I mean by that is I can’t believe Kevin has been able to put up with me for this long. It bodes well for our future that he still likes my company. And I very much like his.
We’ve decided to not make a deal out of anniversaries except for the decade ones (10, 20, 30), it gives us something to strive for.

I don’t know if I’ve ever said this to Kevin but I tell myself all the time that Kevin is the ONLY man that I could have married. He is my match through and through. He makes me feel like I can be myself, my wacky, silly, dorky self.

I am so thankful that I married this wonderful man. I am so thankful that he is STUCK with me for eternity. And I am so thankful for the opportunity to be stuck with him.

Me and him,
it just makes sense.

Lindsay - You guys make a great match! Happy anniversary.

Bekah Pyne - I love the shoes!!!! I wore tennis shoes as well- though I didn't think of pink converse style! What a classy girl- seriously! You both are great friends! So I'm glad you married each other – selfishly- so we could get to know you both!

DeeDee - You are so cute! I think Kev's a pretty lucky guy too and we are lucky to have you in our family!!

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All Things Halloweeny

I think it went over okay. We didn’t get any trick-or-treaters (we live on the wrong side of the street, literally). We did miss the trunk-or-treating too but made it in time to play a few games at the ward party. The kids had fun and that is all that really matters. Yep, just have to keep saying that. Over and over and over. We made sure that they did get to go trick-or-treating on Monday, sort of. We let the little hooligans dress up in a costume and they went around the house knocking on doors. They made out like BANDITS!

Here they are, the gruesome two-some.

I didn’t mean for him to have blue stripes but it was only when I started to paint his face did I realize, we had no black.

This is Caleb after I told him that I get to eat all of his candy.

Ashley - Those are such cute costumes! I hear I am going to be seeing you again on Monday :)

Lindsay - Love Caleb's expression in that last picture. They looked so cute at the party.

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The S Family: i.e. My Latest Victims

Have you ever read a photography blog and the photographer starts off the post with some random story that has nothing to do with the pictures or photography? Well, I don’t think I can ever do that because my life is far from random. All I can offer is blah blah, boring, ho hum. That’s it people, this is what you get.

Anyways . . .

This was really fun, at least on my end. Their little one Keagan was soooo cute and such a joy. And yes, I did need to add those extra o’s. I hope that they enjoy their pictures and that you enjoy looking at them.
Oh, and by the way, Cassie your family is gorgeous.

Chelsea Ellingson - Hey…is that near Eastman Park? These are GREAT, and fantastically creative. I love the one where it's just the parent's legs and the boy is gripping them gleefully. :-) And that last one belongs in a boys magazine somewhere. Good work. :-)

D-lyn - such a fabulous picture group.

I love the boy in the field at the end.
It has so much of a story feeling to it!

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Two Year Pictures

Holy cow! Getting this one to stay still for a millisecond was a tough one but luckily I had a very trusty, very handsome assistant who was able to distract.

I know everyone says this but I really can’t believe that it has already been 2 years. Now don’t let these pictures that show a sweet little boy fool you. He is ALL boy! He loves to climb up anything, jump off everything, growl, and run, and wrestle. He loves Blues Clues and pizza. He loves to annoy his big sister and is in love with doing whatever she is doing. We love him so much and so happy that this little spirit gets to share a lifetime with us.


Shannon And Tyler - this pictures are great rebecca! you have one cute kid.

Lindsay - Two is secretly my favorite age. I love Caleb's smile–it looks like he's always having a ball.

Bekah Pyne - These are awesome pictures- I was telling Natalie Etter today that Caleb is always smiling- always running too- but just always seems so full of pure happiness!!!! He's a cutie!

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